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Sapphire martini, straight up, dry, with a twist, please.

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If having lots of bandwidth eating pictures appear on your f-list is a problem you should think twice about adding me. On second thought if having lots of bandwidth eating pictures appear on your f-list is a problem DON'T ad me, cause I'm not going to stop posting them.
akira kurosawa, akter ego, anime, art, art direction, art director, bald women, barcode tattoos, bauhaus, big boots, black lipstick, bobbed hair, bondage, boobs, boots, booze, brom, bunny bat, cartoon network, cheese, clubbing, clubs, comics, concept art, corsets, creepers, cyberpunk, death rock, dj, djing, drawing, driving fast, ebm, editorial cartoons, edward gorey, egon schiele, einsturzende neubauten, erotic art, erotic illustration, expressionists, fantasy art, fantasy illustration, fetish, fetish art, fetish fashion, fetish footwear, fetish illustration, fetish models, fewture, floggers, food, gh, giant robots, girls, girls with shaved heads, goth, goth clubs, goth girls, gothic/industrial music, goths, guitar goth, gundam, handcuffs, honda prelude, iggies, illustration, illustrator, illustrators, indie comics, industrial, italian greyhounds, japan, japanese animation, japanese movies, japanese robots, jerome witkin, joel peter witken, johnny cash, kiss kiss bang bang, latex, locks of love, louise brooks, macintosh, magazine illustrators, manga, martinis, mayhem, mecha, michael manning, nirasawa, pin ups, pinups, platform shoes, platforms, pop will eat itself, pro-choice, rivet girls, robotech, scifi, siouxsie, siouxsie and the banshees, ska, skinny puppy, snogging, spellbound, spellbound-dc, spf 1000, steve diet goedde, studio ghibli, tiki drinks, toe boots, vegetarian, vegetarian shoes, vegetarianism, vinyl, warren ellis, william gibson, women with shaved heads, world issues, yamato, yasushi nirasawa